Seattle bats are the creepiest creature when it comes to staying at your home. You entered your attic and saw a bat coming towards, isn’t it frightening? You wake up to the dirty floor and the garden with fruits all around. When bat resides at your place, there will be a filthy smell that annoys people around.

When things get complicated and that much messy, everyone gets panic and finds out different ways to cope with the battle of Washington bats.

They are not only creepy but transmit viruses as well
The dropping of the Seattle bat can cause flu-like and also histoplasmosis
The one bite by the bats can carry rabies

The bat droppings resulting in stains to the floor
Either the urine dropping makes the area smelly
While flying, they make noises that irritating for people living around.
Even the urine dropping makes the floor breakable.

There are numerous ways of deterring bats from your house

The smell of mothballs is an Excellent repellent for bats, once they whiff and never turned back again. Mothballs are even known as naphthalene. You can take some and hang the nag of mothballs in the entrance of bats. However, the balls should hang where there is ventilation. Otherwise no use of them

The smell of phenol makes them uncomfortable and are forced to leave the house. You can use it in the form hangings or with make spray. You then spray it all over the places until the odor is strong enough to be uncomfortable.

Another way is the mylar balls that are also known as helium balloons. When the bats are out if the house, hang at the entrance of the bats, the balloons are kept in motion that makes bats repel. But you have to refill the helium regularly.

Cinnamon is the inexpensive repellent for bats as it is used in your kitchen.
Take water and add cinnamon stick, boil and steep for ten minutes and strain it in the spraying bottle. Spray two to three times a day
You can also use cinnamon powder near the nests of bats
Cinnamon is also known as the poison for bats.

Bats are fond of nights rather than in the morning; they usually sleep in the morning. To vacate from them in the morning, you can use a mirror and some lights. Put a mirror in the direction, where there would be a direct reflection of light on them. The direct light will irritate them and helps you to make them vacate.

Aluminum FOIL
Aluminum foil is an inexpensive method to get rid of bats. Cut some pieces of foil and hang them directly on the entrance where they live. The reflection made by the foil annoyed them and wanted to leave within a second.

No one wants their yard to be the house of bats, and if they made their nest, then you are looking out ways to make them out.

You can read some of the easiest and inexpensive ways to get rid of them, but if still, you don't, then look for some toxic methods in the market. Either you can call the pests as well.

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