What if a rat got inside my house, bedroom, kitchen e.t.c

Seattle rats look for safe places where they can get a steady supply of food and stay warm as well. This is the main reason why they tend to be attracted to homes. Once they gain access to your house, they will find a dark and quiet hiding spot and make a nest in there.

Unfortunately Washington rats are not known for any good trait they may have, if anything, they are only known for the nightmares that they may bring with them. They are quite the dedicated chewers and they will chew through just about anything including clothes, paper, cardboard, food, furniture, you name it, they can chew it. This chewing will cost you so much in terms of damages and repairs, not forgetting the medical bills that you may incur in case they bite you and pass on some disease to you. Some of these diseases include Leptospirosis that can cause liver and renal damages or worse, cardiovascular complications.

Some of the signs that should be a clear indicator that you have a Seattle rat or more in your house include holes in items such as clothes and furniture, exposed wires, small black droppings, urine stains on ceilings as well as squeaking and scurrying noises in the night. You may also in some instances find a whole nest where the female rats may breed in.

If you have rats in your home, the only way to completely get rid of them is through trapping them. This you can do by buying a trap and setting it using bait in strategic places. Such places include near hidden places where they are likely to live or exits where they probably use to come in and go out of the house. While there are many stores that claim to sell rat repellents of sorts, you should be best advised that these repellents do not work effectively.

You should never try to poison rats in your house. This is because they may end up dying in places that you may not be able to reach them. This will cause their carcasses to rot and cause a nasty stench in your home, not forgetting the health risks that a rotting carcass can pose to your household.

The most efficient way to get rid of these pests is by calling in professional help. These professionals will know exactly what to do and how to completely remove all the rats that are in your house and dispose of them correctly. In addition, they will help you to seal off all possible entry points through which the rats may have come in in the first place.

These preventive measures will help you to keep the rats away for your house in future. Storing food properly and constantly cleaning out rooms that are hardly used in the house will help you monitor the house for rats. Once the food supply is out of the equation, your home will not be as attractive for rats to come into.

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